Coffee Processing

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PickingĀ  farmers need to make sure to pick at the right time when the cherries are red etc. They need then to ensure that the picked cherries reach a purchase agent on the same day =E2=80=93 within 6 hours of actual picking. If it takes longer, the cherries are reduced to Grade C coffee. Usually […]


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the cherries are bought by purchase agents for the cooperatives where farmers are expected to show up with their cherries (usually carried on the back of a bicycle). These are cooperative employees who wait at designated purchase points, usually with a truck — though the purchases can also be done at washing station locations, in […]

Self-sufficiency in a Cup: Rwanda’s Coffee

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Rwanda is blessed with particularly good coffee-growing conditions: high altitude, volcanic soil and plenty of sun and equatorial mist. “The coffees are wonderfully sweet, either bright with clear citric characteristics, or plush and full of berry and chocolate like flavors,” a major coffee roaster said. By riding booming demand in the developed world for specialty […]