Who we are

Bond Coffee is Rwandan coffee export company and marketing agency that serves to link Rwanda coffee producers to potential buyers. Bond coffee ltd was founded in 2016 by Zacharie Ntakirutimana

What we do

We are a linkage between Rwanda Specialty Coffee growers and Worldwide coffee buyers enthusiastic of quality and producers economic growth.

Our Coffees

South Coffee, East Coffee, By the Lake coffee, and North Coffee

Our background

The founder and CEO of Bond Coffee ltd, Zacharie Ntakirutimana started growing coffee since he was only ten years old. Being born in a very poor family and loosing his father at early age, in 1988 Zacharie decided to combine primary school studies with working in his seventy trees coffee farm to help his mother to manage the family.

After graduating from university in education, he worked for different coffee export companies and NGOs oriented in coffee from 2006 up to 2016. With the 10 years experience Zacharie has in coffee sector, Bond coffee is a good position to understand customer needs, specifications and quality requirements. he Lake coffee, and North Coffee

Our Values

  • We respect the voice of coffee growers as main players of our game
  • Meeting our buyer’s requirements is our priority
  • We do everything timely and smoothly
  • Always open to buyer’s suggestions.

Our Services:

  • Whether you are looking to buy Rwanda fully washed coffee, Bond Coffee takes you to different corners of the Country for you to choose your coffee beans.
  • We work with coffee producers gathered in cooperatives and private companies that deal with Specialty Coffee.
  • We take responsibility to handle export logistics of the coffee from Kigali to Mombasa and Daresalam Ports. We make sure that orders are delivered smoothly and timely.
  • Our coffee is well packed in both grain pro and Jute bags.

latest News

Coffee Processing

Picking  farmers need to make sure to pick at the right time when the cherries are red etc. They need then to ensure that the picked cherries reach a purchase agent on the same day =E2=80=93 within 6 hours of actual picking. If it takes longer, the cherries are reduced to Grade C coffee. Usually […]


the cherries are bought by purchase agents for the cooperatives where farmers are expected to show up with their cherries (usually carried on the back of a bicycle). These are cooperative employees who wait at designated purchase points, usually with a truck — though the purchases can also be done at washing station locations, in […]

Self-sufficiency in a Cup: Rwanda’s Coffee

Rwanda is blessed with particularly good coffee-growing conditions: high altitude, volcanic soil and plenty of sun and equatorial mist. “The coffees are wonderfully sweet, either bright with clear citric characteristics, or plush and full of berry and chocolate like flavors,” a major coffee roaster said. By riding booming demand in the developed world for specialty […]

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Find Us

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